Friday, November 22, 2013

Staples Out!

Yesterday I got my staples out. Yeah ! 
Still need the collar for everything but sleeping. 

Things are pretty swollen and tender. 
I go back in 3 weeks for an X-ray to see how things are healing. Then maybe I can drive. 

Still feel lousy in the morning. Like I fell down some stairs then better as the day rolls on. At about 3-4 I start to crash and need more meds the muscle spasms are pretty bad.

All is going pretty well. Starting to talk to myself, ha ha. Not that I didn't before. 

Hope all are well. 
Thanks again

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week One

Well week one is just about behind me. I can say I have had the expected aches and pains with a side of uncontrollable hiccups, probably due to the moving all the stuff inside my throat. I have been very tired all week small bursts of energy then I end up crashing. 
The neck pain seams to be mostly due to the surgery and I don't feel any arm pain at all. It is kind of weird when you have lived with it for so long and now it's not there. So glad it's gone. 

I hope to get my stitches out Thursday if all looks good. Still limiting my movement and taking it very slow. Don't plan on having to go back for a "do over". Slow and steady seams to be working. 

Any way thanks again for all the positive thoughts prayers.